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Ardore first adveture (part 2)

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1 Ardore first adveture (part 2) on Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:42 am


Ardore woke to nothing but the coldness of the dark. He said to himself “I have had better days” and ended that with a deep sigh. While Ardore was gathering his gear he fell over and hit his head like a drunkard dwarf.

Ardore cursed himself he could of made to much noise that might cause an avalanche. Then he heard a laugh of a woman he looked around and saw a wooden cage. With a Women inside Ardore could not see what she looked like. Ardore saw the women and walked up slowly and destroyed the cage.

The women said softly “sorry that I laughed its rare I get to see funny things down here” Ardore replied with annoyance in his tone “Well me lady you are free to leave the cave” she walked with grace Then Ardore saw what she really looked like. Light silver like hair Smooth slightly brighter than human skin when she was not looking Ardore slapped himself in amazement that he did not see her beauty in the cave.

Then he saw that she was an elf she waved her hand in a good bye and then left without a sound. Then Ardore left in a hurry but when he left the cave the women could not be seen anywhere he just shrugged. And moved on saying something lightly to himself “you don’t meet a women like that every day.

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2 Re: Ardore first adveture (part 2) on Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:48 am


RP Grandmaster
RP Grandmaster
OOC: Hahaha... great just great... Still could use more depth and improvement.

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