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The first adventure Ardore

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1 The first adventure Ardore on Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:43 pm


Ardore walked thought the blinding cold. Looking for a place to hide for the night ardore Scanned the mountain side and saw a small cave to the north east of him. Ardore never saw the cave even though he had been here many times. He did not like the cave but he knew he would die out in the cold.

So Ardore sneaked into the cave only to smell somthing foul it burnt the inside of his nose. Ardore looked up as his eye adjusted to the dark. and then he saw a Mountain Troll standing chained. He looked as he saw goblins trying to tame the Beast. Ardore decided if he let the troll go he might turn on his goblin masters. Then he hoped he could then kill the troll and be able to have the cave for himself so he could keep out of the cold.

So with that he planed his attack. He saw that his arrows could not break the huge chains and that he needed a key to unlock the chains. He saw the head Troll master. ordering that the troll shall be wiped. Ardore thought to how can a wipe get past that think hide. Then he saw what they would use to do this task. The whip Was made out of elven rope and at the end it had spikes coming out of the rope. Ardore saw the dried blood on the whip.

He watched as the troll was whiped. Ardore thought there was so much blood that it could fill a tub. Ardore decided now was the time becouse all the goblins were eating all apart from the head master who stayed to whipe the creature some more So with a deep breath Ardore took out his bow, then loaded his arrow then he released his breath as well as his arrow the arrow glided in the air killing the goblin without making a sound apart from a thud from when the goblin hit a rock while falling.

Ardore took the keys and waited for the troll to sleep with did not take long becouse of the pain it was in. Then he unlocked the chains and went into the shadows. The goblins were coming back Ardore could hear them coming. But then the troll waked and saw the goblins and attacked its roars could take down the whole mountain. The troll followed the fleaing goblins out of the cave. Then Ardore found the goblin bed rolls and sleeped.(this is my first so take it easy)

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2 Re: The first adventure Ardore on Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:47 pm


RP Grandmaster
RP Grandmaster
OOC: There are errors, but it is your first, some I will take it easy.

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