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A weak orc is a dead orc

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1A weak orc is a dead orc  Empty A weak orc is a dead orc on Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:36 am


Grazzard walked into his camp where humans laid on the wooden spikes, screaming for death to take them. To Grazzard it was like music to his ears. He could hear the training of the troops and the taming and the roaring of his trolls. As Grazzard walked down to his throne room, he could hear the screams from his torture dungeon. A small orc walked up to Grazzard “si...r Umm” Stutted the little orc.

“Spit it out you slug” Grazzard demanded “The orcs are ready for expectation” Grazzard laughed. It was time for the fun to begin. Grazzard could feel the heat coming from the orc pits. 30 orcs sat in a row. Grazzard ordered them to sit, all the orcs went siting on the barrels that where to be used as seats. All but one orc could get a seat because there only laid 29 seats.

Grazzard Smiled and Yelled ”WHY ARE YOU NOT SEATED” the orc Replied fearfully “There are no more seats mi lord” “You could of sat on the ground” the orc looked fearful of his new master. “Orcs….. feed him to the trolls” The last thing heard from the orc was the screams of its death.

Grazzard took a closer look at the orcs “All weak as human children Throw them into mount doom slowly” The orcs were carried by a total of 13 trolls the ones that ran where killed. “Come to me with real orcs”… as Grazzard walked away he smiled “kill the messenger... send him into the warg chamber” as Grazzard made his way to the throne. He smiled in delight as he heard the wargs feast.

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