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More jail

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1More jail  Empty More jail on Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:06 am


Ardore woke up the next day in the cell that he was thrown in. "FUCK can no one get a joke bloody hell the steward can go fuck himself" Ardore kept rambling on for hours. "The guard siad "You wont be out for a while,Maybe us guards will have some fun." Then the guard started kciking Ardore in the gut throgh the bars. "Come on lads its fun have a go" He guestured to the other 4 guards. Soon all the guards were apon him by the end of it he had a bloody nose a broken leg and arm. Ardore smiled and siad "Is that all you got?"

After mpore beatings Ardore said hay "give this to the Steward" Blood was driping all over the paper (The letter siad sorry for screwing up your party. But really you can go Screw yourself) Ardores face was little deformed from the beatings. Dirt was geting into Ardores wounds. The pain was like death it self was strangling him. Ardore tryed to hold back the tears of pain. The guards took Ardores cloths and Ardores toes were freazzing. Ardore throught they were doing this to Ardore becouse he looked homeless and that the Stward had thrown him in here. Then he throught... Did the stward Order the beatings. Rage build in Ardore, He started to get angry and to sit ups saying one thing "If i find that he orded them to beet me.... There will be one less stward."

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