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Drunk night out

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1Drunk night out  Empty Drunk night out on Mon Oct 17, 2011 1:03 am



Ardorn travelled in early dawn. Ardore glanced around to see the city. He saw the heavy plate amour on the guards, which sparkled in the early day. Ardore Kept looking at all the workers getting ready for a hard day’s work. But there was something that Ardore wanted to have a look at….

“THE TAVERN” he bellowed in joy. Ardore walked in “Give me your finest ales” Ardore had a feeling of happiness Like he used to feel back home.
Ardore walked to the closest seat and got what he asked form a waitress with a black eye. “maybe this place is not as good as I thought". “Oi lads have a look, a new face in the bar, how about some money for us poor souls “ Ardorn could smell these men they nearly smelled like orc.

“Sorry lads no money to spare” he said eyeing the big fat man that had been threating. The man had to slightly smaller pals but both look as ugly as a Orc ass. “well we can always make money right) the fat man attacks Ardorn with full power but his defence was next to none. Ardorn dogged the blow and Twisted the fat man’s arm and grabbed his head and smashed it on the old dusty table.

Blood dribbled down the fat man’s head and Ardore could tell that he wasn’t getting up any time soon. The other 2 smaller men coward after witnessing what they just saw. Ardore looked at them with pity “go clean him up” He said with a smile. Then Ardore work up with ale next to him “god Damn I need to stop drinking"

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