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Midnight Thoughts

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1Midnight Thoughts Empty Midnight Thoughts on Mon Oct 17, 2011 12:35 am


There she was again...That face,which looked so familiar and ,at the same time, so strange...She called his name with a surprisingly cruel voice... "Ambrosius...".
He woke up feeling drowned in his own sweat.He saw the walls of his old room in his parents' house and realised that was just the same old dream.By that time,he had totally lost his sleep.He rose from bed and streched his legs.He took his pipe from the bedside table and filling it with smoke he sat in the chair by the window, reviewing the day's events.
He managed ,so far, to assemble a band of nine men.Most of them were boys, who hadn't exactly realise what they were doing.Would he be able to recruit any more men ? Well,he had his doubts.In this part of the world, folks minded their own buisiness,prefering to manage their shops and cultivate their farms.They were peasants,but who was he to blame them for that? How could he?
The last thing he heard at the Prouncing Pony before he withdrew for the night was that the forces of Gondor repelled the attack of Mordor in Osgiliath.The war raged like a storm in the south and he knew that bands of uruks and orcs were raiding villages and small towns in the meantime.
He had decided.The next day, first thing in the morning, he would assemble his recruits, talk them about loyalty and their duty to their king, in order to lift their courage, he would give them weapons after seeing their abilities and he would appoint his
second in command for reasons of discipline and respect.Then,they would be ready to depart with the realm of Gondor as a their destination.
With his mind now at peace, Ambrosius felt a sudden, striking fatigue.He cleaned his pipe,which was already empty of smoke, and made his way to the comforting coziness of his old,oak bed.There were no dreams this time, there was nothing apart from the soothing, pacifying darkness of sleep.He welcomed it...

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