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The glory of rohun

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1The glory of rohun  Empty The glory of rohun on Sun Oct 16, 2011 3:40 pm


At the capital city of Rohun, Ardore was shocked to see such magnificence, of the Grand hall was covered with the greatest craftsmanship he had seen in a long time. Ardore went to the nearest tavern to find work. He heard something about an army lead by Mordrid but did not pay close attention to folk tales. There was no work to be found in this place. But then he realised that his fine silver sword was getting a little blunt. He also forgot to clean his blade from the battle of the goblins.

So Ardore looked to find the blacksmith it was not hard to find. Because it was a HUGE building with a forge about twice the size of Ardore and there was more smoke than 10 orc forgeries. To the left of him he could see the head black smith working with his apprentice. “GOD DAMN IT ENGORE YOU F***** UP THE STEEL NOW WE NEED TO GET MORE” the head blacksmith yelled. The lad named Engore seemed to look like he was going to shit himself and left.

While the other apprentices worked the head black smith walked up to Ardore and smiled. Ardore thought it was just because he looked like someone who needed things fixed. “how may I help someone like you good sir’” the black smith eyed the sword and realised that it was blunt and also covered with dry dark shadowy blood. “I see your sword is blunt I might fix that for a reasonable sum’” Ardore thought the blacksmith was a greedy but good hearted man.

“I will like my sword sharpened and I like custom made arrow heads’” “good choice sir but custom made arrows head going to cost you a bit more” Ardore let out a heavy sigh “Fine how much “ 8 gold good sir’” Ardore was outraged by the price that would take nearly all the money he needed.

“8 gold That’s day light robbery “ the blacksmith looked sorry but did not change the price “sir the things I need to buy are getting more expensive these days with the war and all that” Ardore saw the logic and handed over the money and sleep in the tavern for the day then retrieved his gear in the morning and left Minis Tirith

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