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Goblin raid part 2

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1 Goblin raid part 2 on Sun Oct 16, 2011 2:17 am


Ardorn let the child down gently as a mother would her child. He shed a tear but he knew what this meant and he knew it was not the time for tears and shook off the sorrow that he was feeling and Yelled to all in the tavern “Brothers….. Sisters of the mountains this young boy died today. Are we going to sit here and let this happen (the dwarves were cheering together) For the glory of the Dwarfs.

The cheers of the Dwarves were strong enough to put hope into the most fearful hearts. These dwarfs were miners and farmers.
They had only one black smith who could only give up 10 battle-axes and 5 of his finest made shields and gave up about 50 lesser wooden shields. So the rest of the village was fortified with picks and racks. The dwarfs sprinted to get there gear together Ardore rallied the dwarfs in front of the settlement.

Ardore Yelled on top of his voice “SHILED WALL” the dwarfs lined up into s shield wall. Ardore joined the wall as the sun went down the louder the drums of goblins became. Finally Ardore stood still, beholding at the sunset with the cold wind on his face, and then Ardore Sheared a single tear then saw the army of the goblin horde….

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2 Re: Goblin raid part 2 on Sun Oct 16, 2011 2:23 am


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