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Assembling the company

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1Assembling the company Empty Assembling the company on Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:28 am


Ambrosius felt the cool night air hitting him in the face.So far, he had passed from three inns and found twenty of his men, drunken and completely disoriented.He remembered how he had the same weakness to wine and ale in his youth.But he never passed out from drinking.
He entered a small tavern, the "Drunken Master".Well, the name promised a lot.The minute he entered,he saw him.Lampfel,that fool, was more drunken than the guy in the tavern's sign.He danced on a table with his trousers around his neck. Ambosius waved to one of his men and together they carried Lampfel out of the inn.
Ambosius knew that it was pointless to yell at his young officer."Take his to our camp site and see that he sleeps deeply", ordered his men.He started to walk again.He had more men to find and the night was nearly over...

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