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1Expedition Empty Expedition on Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:54 pm


Pierre's scouting force

55 Lamedon Hillmen
30 Lossarnach Warriors
15 Linhir Veteran Crossbowmen

After discussing with Janos and making plans, it is decided. Out of the 100 men that will follow Pierre to Ithilien, 55 of them are Lamedon Hillmen, having experience in those kind of surroundings. Following them will be Warriors from Lossarnach, purely because of the prospect of melee combat. Finally 15, of the 40 Linhir veteran crossbowmen would also journey with Pierre,providing ranged support.There would be no cavalry, seeing fighting in the woods would prove disastrous for cavalry.

Janos's scouting force

25 Lamedon Horsemen
50 WitchHunters
25 Linhir veteran crossbowmen

Janos's scouting force is completely different, to suit the grasslands of Rohan. All 25 of the Lamedon Horsemen would accompany Janos. While the horsemen aren't as good as the ones Rohan field, they are still excellent in open field. Janos personal mercenary group, the WitchHunters would accompany him too, as the WitchHunters are also good in the open field.Finally, the remaining 25 of the Linhir veteran crossbowmen are also present, providing ranged support.

Geography of Rohan and Ithilien.

Ithilien : fair country of climbing woods and swift-falling streams with gentle slopes.

Rohan : land of pastures and lush tall grassland.

Both forces marched out of Minas Tirith, both using different gates. Janos to the NorthWest, while Pierre marched southwards.

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2Expedition Empty Re: Expedition on Sat Oct 22, 2011 1:26 am


Several hours later


"Quiet Down!Shhhh......." A patrol of Orcs passed by the scouting party. Lance, a veteran crossbowman from Linhir. shouted the warning. "Gotta go back an' warn Pierre. Orcs here." He and two other crossbowmen laid low, hiding in the bushes.

Pierre had made his camp somewhere in the woods in North Ithilien. He sent scouting parties of 3-5 Linhir crossbowman all around the camp. Lance and his small party had to warn Pierre. First, they gotta make it out alive. A pack of 9 orcs passed them. Lance was disgusted by their smell."They smell like rotten food, damn it." Lance readied his crossbowman and aimed it towards the biggest of them. The orcs looked around suspicious, none of the humans even breathed.At last, the orcs moved away, and the humans sighed in relief. "Time to report this to Pierre, the dark forces of mordor are here."The 3 men went back to camp.Alert for danger.

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3Expedition Empty Re: Expedition on Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:19 am


"Orcs in Ithilien?!" Pierre was not suprised. However, what Lorne reported was the same along with several other scouting parties. This indicates there is a force here, right here in Ithilien.
"There was one big orc. Looks meaner than the rest. He looks like....." After describing it , Lorne stood, waiting for Pierre's reply.

"Hmmm...Uruk Hai, isn't it?Lorne,go and seperate the crossbowmen in 3 groups of 5. You will be in command of one of them.Try to find their base of operations. Follow a patrol back to their base.Don't engage the enemy unless they spotted you."

"Yes SIr!"

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4Expedition Empty Re: Expedition on Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:19 am


Lorne , with 4 others, 2 of them was with Lorne in the previous scouting mission, crouched down low. His team and two others, stealthily following a group of 6 goblins. The 3 teams saw several patrols already, mainly orcs,trolls and also goblins. They picked goblins because they have the least awareness, but that doesn't mean they can make any mistakes or underestimate them. However, mistakes did come by...

One of the mean in a team,led by a veteran tracker/crossbowman named Bjorn, trailing the goblins from the East, accidentally kicked a small stone, immediately alerting the goblins. They charged towards Bjorn and his team's position. Having no choice, they were force to fire at them, alerting several orcish patrols in the vicinity. They charged like mad dogs. Lorne and the other team provided further assistance, but they are badly outnumbered.Bolts were fired, killing several of the orcs, but more and more came.Luckily, they aren't fighting in close combat, yet. One of Bjorn's men, named James managed to reach Lorne and said

"Lorne! Get your team and the other team out of here! We will buy you time, to escape and maybe complete the mission.Get going!"


"No time!"

Lorne, conceded to James and ordered his men to retreat deeper into the forest.James then went back to his team, firing bolts into the enemy's position. The other team, led by Young, saw Lorne's signal and also retreated alongside Lorne's team. All of them heard the bolts fired from the crossbows, death cries of the orcs and goblins, and eventually the screams of humans being butchered up close. Even the veteran Linhir crossbowmen fell to the might of the orcs up close, only being good firing from afar. Many of the men were shaken up. Lorne and Young met in a secure position and discussed what to do next...

"What do we do next?" Young asked.

"Dunno, complete the mission? or report back to Pierre."

"You saw what happened to Bjorn and his men."

"But still...No, we should complete the mission. We're veterans for god sake. If we fail to complete the mission, our fame for being Linhir's veterans will be stained"

"Think about it Lorne! Lives are at stake here. Pierre placed you in overall command, so please think about it."

Determined, Lorne pressed " We'll thread more...". He was cut off by an approaching crossbowmen.
"Lorne! Think you should see this."

Lorne and Young followed the crossbowmen through the forest. They went up a slope and looked down.

"I think I found their base..."

Lorne and Young both crouched there, disbelieving in what they saw. Goblins and Orcs polished their armor or sharpened their cleavers. They saw hovels here and there. There were few tents, mostly for slaves. They also catch a glimpse of a group of Uruk-hai training some orcs.

Lorne finally recovered, saying "This is bad, very bad. This isn't a mobile base, a more permanent one. I can estimate several hundred troops here. Lets report this back to Pierre."

Gathering their men, Young and Lorne head back towards Pierre's base. With knowledge of what they are facing isn't a small threat, more like an army for invasion.....

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5Expedition Empty Re: Expedition on Sat Oct 22, 2011 5:17 pm


Pierre was shocked when news came of the enemy's permanent base. That news shocked him more than the fact the one third of his Crossbowmen were dead. Pierre now employed a different tactic. One of aggression...


He ordered all 55 of his Lamedon Hillmen to slowly encircle the base, while being hidden. He also ordered for the 10 remaining crossbowmen to spread themselves among the Hillmen. While the Hillmen can also throw javelins at the enemy, they have only a limited amount. The Hillmen and crossbowman will pepper the enemy base and the enemy is distracted by them, the 30 Lossarnach Warriors would charge in, along with some Hillmen as support. Several Hillmen and Pierre would jump into the base, through the gentle slope, hoping they would land safely and also that the enemy will be too distracted to notice them. The remaining Hillmen and crossbowmen would pepper the enemies from afar,, and will play the role of the reserve force. They would back the assaulting force if needed.

Pierre laid his plans out, for all to see. Everyone of those present in the command tent, having no better idea, nodded in agreement. The Hillmen and crossbowmen marched out first.....

Pierre could only think of one thing.
Where the hell is the rangers of Ithilien...?

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6Expedition Empty Re: Expedition on Sat Oct 22, 2011 10:22 pm


It is already late at night. The troops were already in position. Pierre took his position along with 10 Hillmen up the slope. Pierre took a quick look at the base , already estimating their numbers. Based on the number of hovels. Pierre estimated that the forces of Mordor outnumbered his troops 4 to 1. What they don't have is this.

The human determination

ooc : Next post is the battle

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7Expedition Empty Re: Expedition on Sat Oct 22, 2011 11:47 pm



"On my mark,5....4.....3.....2, aww Fuck this! Fire!"

Javelins and bolts fire towards the base. Screams could be heard, but how many dead can't be known in the darkness. After several minutes of prolonged firing, the Lossarnach Warriors charged into the main entrance. Sounds of metal clashing could be heard. Another 15 hillmen supported the Warriors. Sounds of orcs being killed could be heard. After waiting for 10 minutes, Pierre dropped down from the slope into the enemy's base, with him , are 20 Hillmen. It took a while for the orcs and goblins to spot them. However, by the time Pierre and his small band were spotted, it was too late, they already secured a beachhead. Many orcs and goblins rushed and charged, humans clashed with orcs and goblins. Soon, Pierre was almost blinded by the amount of orcish blood in his face. All he could do is keep swing GoodNight, killing more and more orcs and goblins. Pierre managed to take a quick look around him, as many as 10 Hillmen are already on the ground, dead or wounded. The remaining Hillmen divided themselves among helping the Warriors and helping Pierre. Out of 20, only 5 went in to help Pierre. Soon, Pierre and 11 other Hillmen found themselves surrounded by orcs.....

Estimated Dead :

Pierre's group
15 Hillmen , dead or wounded

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8Expedition Empty Re: Expedition on Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:27 am


Pierre , for the first time, saw the consequences of fighting a much larger force. The orcs and goblins that surrounded him, grinned with anticipation of a butchery. Pierre tensed, seeing no other choice...


Whether he survived this doesn't matter, what matter is he die fighting. He and Hillmen charge and engaged the orcs. The Human determination and courage was proven here, with orcs and goblins dying from the momentum. Suddenly, a flight of arrows struck several orcs. Arrows, not bolts. Strange, his army don't have archers.. Soon, the orcs and goblins were dead under this new threat. It cost a further 3 more Hillmen....

His saviors revealed themselves.

The Rangers of Ithilien. 20 of them

They dropped down the slope, and one of them, by the name of Grom, addressed Pierre.
"My name is Grom, this here are my band. You are more than worthy of our aid. Well Met, "Lion of Anfalas".We are to aid you until the very last of this...rabble is eliminated"

Pierre only could nod, he was pissed now. Worthy of aid? They could have saved more of his men if they acted faster. However, he gotta admire their proficiency of their archery. One of the Lossarnach Warriors approached Pierre and reported

"M'lord, we secured the main entrance. The bad news is, we lost 4 of our warriors and 10 of the hillmen.The Good News, we killed around 30 orcs,60 goblins and 2 of those mountain trolls. They fought like dogs and die as such.Some 8 archers,claiming to be the Rangers of Ithilien helped us fell the trolls, or we would be in serious trouble."

"Great Job, continue to finish the rest of the piss-ants. Report to me once you secure the bas-....."

Grom interrupted him,

"Lion, my scouts just told me that a dozen or so of the Uruk-Hai and many more orcs retreated further east. Back to the direction of Mordor." .

Pierre was satisfied, a major victory for his men, but the cost was also quite big.Without the Uruk-Hai and the rest of the orcs, any resistance was soon quelled, his men celebrating. Pierre said to Grom after the battle

"I am going to have a meeting soon,why don't you join us..."


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9Expedition Empty Re: Expedition on Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:42 am


Summary of Pierre's losses so far.

5 Veteran Linhir Crossbowmen
26 Lamedon Hillmen
6 Lossarnach Warriors

Brown. Died before the battle
Green. KIA.

enemy cassualties
134 goblins
75 orcs
2 Mountain trolls

The rest fell back.

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10Expedition Empty Re: Expedition on Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:59 am


Several people were present at the meeting. Among them is Pierre, Lorne the leader of the remaining veteran crossbowmen from Linhir, Grimtooth a self-appointed leader of the Lossarnach warriors,Brown a veteran of the Lamedon Hillmen and finally, Grom. The Ranger of Ithilien.The meeting took place at the former command tent of the base of mordor.

"So, Lion. What bring you here in Ithilien??"

"Call me Pierre, I am here just to probe the forces of Mordor"

"Scouting Eh?Probably bit off more then you can chew."

"Hell!I lost almost half of men here.Damn orcs"

"I only lost 6 Warriors, but still , it takes a lot to fell one of us."


"We have relatively few casualties compared to the Hillmen.Still, they are pretty concentrated here"

"I am here to aid you with your mission. I have heard of your march from Minas Tirith.I know you're a famed warrior among the humans especially in Gondor.I have intel from my scouts reported that there are a few bases like this spread out among Ithilien."


"Hell, that will definitely attract Gondor's attention. What in the world are they doing there?Grom?"

"I think they are planning to fully invade Ithilien, although this land is mostly deserted now, but it is close enough to Gondor to launch constant raids deep into the lands of Gondor. I suggest you to go back to Gondor and warn the steward."

"I will do that, and to recoop my losses. If I ever come back, I will need your help, where would you be?"

"Henneth Annûn, the Window of the Sunset."

The meeting continued mostly about the estimation of enemy dead and the remaining enemy. The meeting ended after several hours. The rangers leave, back towards Henneth Annûn. Pierre's band soon packed, and headed back to Gondor.

At the same time in Rohan, Janos.....(Continues soon in War of the north)

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