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Damn late again

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1Damn late again  Empty Damn late again on Fri Oct 21, 2011 5:20 pm


Ardore realised it was to late they already delt with it " Bloody hell I always miss the fun." Ardore saw the elf that healed his leg was heading towards a hall. "Stuff it" Ardore decided not to get mixed up and left. Ardore stayed at the tavern drinking.

Ardore saw the waitress and siad in a drunken slang " Hav how it goving bavys" Ardore then was salped and he fell out of his chair "I hacd that coming to me... Hic" Ardore left the tavern drunk and got into a fight with the guards "Your mother is ugly as a trolls ass" Ardore broke out larghing The guard threw Ardore in a dirty cell. "AYEEEEEEE buddys Come on" \Then ardore fell asleep on the stone floor.

Ardore woke up a little later and sobered up a little "ARggg my head" Ardore looked around to see where he was then he remberd where he was,"Oi guard come over here" "what" He replied. "I want out" "sorry sir you still have a few weeks of ja." "A few weeks thats bull shit who made that law" "No need to know bases" "you are the one I insalted." "Yeeep" "God i hate gondor"

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