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1Recruitment. Empty Recruitment. on Fri Oct 21, 2011 7:36 am


Pierre heads directly to the tavern, not to drink, surprisingly. A few mercenary captains were in the tavern, drinking off ale and chatting. Pierre heads over to them, and greets them.Shocked, being greeted by such a famous warrior, the captains wearily greeted him back.

"So, how many men do you all command?Just asking.I may need your men"

Assured by the prospect of recruitment, the captains replied , beaming. "Never been better, I got me some veteran crossbowmen from the rough lands of Linhir, veterans of many wars against the Haradrim and the Corsairs of Umbar."

"Well Yeah?I get me some warriors from the lands of Lamedon.Hillmen, and even some of the horseman.Savages they are in battle, useful and expandable."

"Same here, I have some number of warriors, some of the best infantry you can find, from Lossarnach. They're much like the WitchHunters I seen with you, only less experienced."

"So the grim wars against Mordor have a great effect on mercenaries..." thought Pierre

Soon, money from Pierre's many adventures changed hands and an mercenary army was formed.Pierre surveyed his men, and went to talk bout' it to Janos.Janos,suprisingly ,agreed. He said " Well, good for you, though, the WitchHunters will follow you to the end too, so don't even think to count us out." He said while smilling.

"Hell, you and your WitchHunters are my elite core. It's just that I want an army to be able to face the armies of Mordor effectively.50 men against thousands ain't good odds,ya'know.You're my second here and also my master trainer, since you have an experience of leading mercenaries. "

After surveyed Pierre's small army and said.
"Ya' have some veterans here and there. There are more freshmen here . However, majority are in between, fought in some battles, but not in bigger ones.Overall, it's okay, as many of your men are specialists , especially those rough men from Lamedon. I'm satisfied with your troops, but don't expect me to go soft on them. I will train them,harder than they can ever know."

Satisfied.Leaving the army to Janos's hands for awhile. Pierre sprint towards Elendil, the Steward of Gondor's meeting hall.Excited.

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