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The Journey of the Elves.

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1The Journey of the Elves. Empty The Journey of the Elves. on Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:36 am

Perhaps it should have been better that we would've chosen otherwise. Well, It's too late now. What is done is done. We cannot look backwards anymore...

The Decision

The sunrise. It was beautiful that morning. Our Company had stopped on a steep hill which had a perfect view for the surrounding areas. Of course, we were well hidden from orc eyes. We were near the ancient gates of Numenor, the gates of Argonath. We cannot see them yet, but we can feel it. And we have a map. I, Calion, Elrohir and Elladan were trying to make up our minds about the directions.

First Elladan spoke:

"We cannot leave Anduin unguarded. What if the orcs decide to attack through there? Who will stop their raids, or even invasions? The woods are thick, but they do not kill orcs. We kill them."

Gilrain answered and spoke with his calm, calculative tone:

"It is a hard decision. We would be more of a use in the south, in Ithilien woodlands or the sorts. But perhaps we don't have to go as far as that. We could instead move our protection of Anduin deeper south. I heard that Osgiliath has been captured by Mordor. Perhaps we could flank the city by placing our troops hidden in the riverbank forests."

Elrohir commented, still sitting:

"Those orcs don't dare to cross the northern rivers anyway.. not after what has happened to so many of their bands. There will be more orcs to kill further south. Never forget what they did to mother."

The four nodded, and put their heads down for a few seconds. Elladan spoke again:

"I understand your point, brother. Gilrain is right too. Perhaps we should move further south. We have to receive intel from the area first, so perhaps we could first organize a couple scouts."

At this point, Calion stood and addressed to the three others:

"I can organize a couple galadhrim with Galion to scout those areas. Galion is their commander, they are all expert woodsmen."

Elrohir smiled.

"Excellent is the sight and hearing of the galadhrim. That is what we will do."

Elladan and Gilrain agreed, and Calion ran away to organize the scouts.

"So, will we begin marching before the scouts have returned or should we wait here?"

Elrohir turned to Gilrain.

"We should depart sooner than later. The longer we stay here, the more the chance some spy or orc will notice us."

The two spoke for almost ten minutes, and just after they had finished talking Calion arrived breathing heavily.

"It's done. Galion left with 11 of his kin."

Gilrain, Elrohir and Elladan stood to leave and organize their men.

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2The Journey of the Elves. Empty Re: The Journey of the Elves. on Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:36 am

The Journey

We've been walking in this forest for three days. It's thick around us, has only one path going through it, but at least it's not dark here. The air feels light, and so do our hearts. Lembas is as good as always, and we have lots of it, which keeps us energetic and warm.

Gilrain, Elrohir, Elladan and Calion were walking together, rarely speaking. Sometimes they had conversations about the future steps, but they didn't lead to any decision. They just waited for the scouts to arrive. The company was little south from the falls of Rauros. They could still hear the water falling down, but only the sharpest ears could hear it and even then only faintly. But the elves didn't really think of the falls, the thought of what lied ahead.

Elrohir ordered a full stop in the forest. He turned to Elladan, and they spoke quickly and silently in quenya. Then Elladan spoke to Gilrain and Calion.

"We have decided to settle here. These banks will be under our protection until the scouts return - if they return."

Gilrain answered:

"Of course they will return."

Calion just nodded, but he seemed worried.

They lay in wait in the woods for a day, and then finally the scouts returned with information. Late at the night, when there was a full moon, the galadhrim returned. But only a few of them had returned, Galion with four galadhrim.

Calion ran with Gilrain, Elrohir and Elladan to greet them. Calion reached them first, and looked terrified.

"..What happened to you?"

"We were seen.. we encountered some humans while travelling. They took our weapons and took us prisoner. Galion sighed. Seemingly they were mercenaries, but they underestimated us. When they released us, I managed to get free and get a weapon. I killed three humans, and freed my friends. They killed seven before I could release everyone... but me and these four brave elves managed to get our weapons back, and we killed almost a dozen of them before we escaped. They didn't bother to follow us, seemingly we killed their leader."

He paused for a moment to take a deep breath, and then continued:

"We managed to gather this: the crossings further south are controlled by the Enemy. Gondor controls only Minas Tirith and it's surroundings, plus all the lands behind it. The Enemy controls Osgiliath, and almost all lands east of Anduin, except Dale and the Dwarves as we know."

Elrohir shook his head.

"Be damned, humans. But let us cool our heads. We will not forget this crime - but we will not either seek revenge. You still managed to kill their leader, who ordered you to be captured. Perhaps you did the right thing, and now they have a better leader. But this is not our concern for now. Do you have any information on where the forces of the Enemy might be?"

Galion shook his head, and said:

"No, Commander. We only saw one band of orcs going south towards Osgiliath."

Elrohir stood, and thanked Galion, and ordered he and his men to sleep and ordered some medics to take care of them.

"We're staying here for a bit longer, then."

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