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The fear of humans

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1The fear of humans  Empty The fear of humans on Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:28 am


Grazzard was angry that he did not get the blood that he wished for. He walked out to find a village to raid. He went only with 3 Org-hai trolls. They were cunning trolls and did not mind the light. As Grazzard walked the plain fields of Gondor he went with a torch burning crops. Then Grazzard found a village. “Time for blood” he smiled and yelled “Trolls you know what to do” and pointed at the village and charged with blind fury

. The women ran and screamed the men gathered there farming tools to try and fight a battle that they were bound to lose. The women and children ran towards Minis Tirth trying to escape the bloodshed. The troll’s giant maces smashed the men and killed all that stood before them.

Men surrendered before the might of Grazzard he ordered them to be taken to Osglith. Then men walked in the row thinking of the pain. Grazzard smiled “time to put on a show" Grazzard ordered pikes to be brought to him.

Then he told his trolls to impale them the the mouth down. Some accepted their fate, but the foolish ran and Died. Grazzard Laughed at the sight.
He Hope the Gondor leader sees this, and sees the power of the orcs

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