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Skirmish at the riverbanks.

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1Skirmish at the riverbanks. Empty Skirmish at the riverbanks. on Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:08 am

The night came. The elves who marched silently in the woods, were wary of the orcs they had spotted earlier on the day. Perhaps they would get to kill them now. After two minutes of more marching, a scout arrived from the light forests near to the riverbanks, and gave his report.

"Captain, there is something wierd going on. I saw several lights at the other side of the bank. But I heard no sounds."

Gilrain heard the report, and silently walked to Elrohir.

"Elrohir. We should just keep moving silently, and have scouts patrol around us like normal. This is nothing to worry about; they reveal themselves before we do."

Elrohir nodded, and was about to answer when he noticed more elves coming from the woods.

The elf leading them smiled, and shook hands with Elrohir. The elf then spoke:

"It is me, Calion. I did as you said and I scouted the ruins up north. Found nothing but rubble."

Elrohir answered:

"Good. Then we can continue as you said, Gilrain."

Then, after Calion's group of about 90 elves had organized themselves, the company began their march. They were going south, and all the time they had to turn a bit more away from the river to stay in the deep forests. Soon there would be no forests to cover them, and then they would either turn back or continue going south. They had not decided yet should they help the men or should they continue guarding the Anduin river.

Gilrain was deep in thought of his options, but then another scout ran in. "Damn, can't a noldor think even for a second in this place?", he thought, and then ran to the scout with Elrohir, Elladan and Calion to hear the report.

"I spotted several bands of orcs crossing the river. Mostly regular orcs, no uruks. The river crossing is near."

Elladan spoke.

"We will kill them to the last orc. Let no orc cross the river Anduin while we are present!"

With Elladan and Elrohir on the lead, with Gilrain and Calion following, the company began marching with double pace. They reached the river crossing just when the orcs had crossed the river, and were now organizing.

Elrohir gave orders to spread his elves around their left flank and their centre, while he ordered Calion and Gilrain to the orc band's right.

"We'll ambush them here.. they don't have much open space there, so we can just shoot them from here."

The orcs were just beginning to move out, when Elrohir ordered: "Fire!" Hundreds of arrows were launched at the orcs, and they fell like flies.

Several orcs survived, and decided it was the best thing to charge blindly at the forest. They began running, screaming and waving their weapons around like dolls.

After five seconds, only a few scattered orcs were left. Gilrain shot one with his huge war bow, impaling the orc with his arrow, while Calion and a couple of galadhrim shot the rest.

"That was rather easy. Filthy orcs."

The company quickly organized themselves and left the place, travelling south again.

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